But If I Let You Go

Lots of Capacity- Nothing To Fill It With!

Lots of Capacity- Nothing To Fill It With!

And you plummet headfirst off that cliff I am wishing I could dangle you from, landing slapbang on your mahoosive bonce – would we see an improvement?

Lo, how you annoy me, let me count the ways…

Firstly, Your Children.
Photographs of “the doting father on holiday with his adoring enfants” don’t wash with me, when you leave them in their clearly unwell mother’s incapable hands for 99% of the time and swan about Australia becoming a “Household Name”.  I call SHENANIGANS.  MAJOR LEAGUE SHENANIGANS, for that matter. Boo at you for not taking action and putting them first.
Next, Westlife. How did you EVER make it past the first audition? You have a forehead with similar dimensions to a loaf of uncut Hovis and a face that only a mother could love, if she happened to be extremely shortsighted and drank a lot.
Also, who died and made you the god of colour definition according to sexuality???  Here’s a newsflash – Pink does not self-define as a colour only gay people can/should wear.  It’s a mixture of red and white. Thats how you can tell it is pink. S’all you need to know about it. You, however, appear to be an ignorant tool, and not the sharpest one in the box. S’all we need to know about you to evaluate your opinions.
Oh god, do I have to keep going with this? You. Just. Irritate. Me.
At least you are in Australia where you can keep your irritation factor to a minimum. Can I however apologise to the Australians for your presence there – I am sure had they been offered a referendum on the subject, they would rather keep the Queen and get shut of you.
Oh, and as a final thought, I would rather have the northern accent of your children that you so despise, than be a half-witted ignorant arseface. Think on that.

5 Responses to “But If I Let You Go”

  1. I do find Mrs Minxingtons appraisals of the celebrity vermin whom inhabit our world eating all of our cash, to be both refreshing and awesomely posed. I believe that a woman with such honesty, integrity and straightforward – tell it like it is – loathing for leaches and parasites should be Prime Minister!

    Join me in the quest to place Ms Minx where she should rightfully be! As leader of our drowning empire!! Oust the celebs and share their cash amongst us worker! NOW! — Apart from that pretty blonde one from Blue, who is all Buddhist and that.

  2. dominoid747 Says:

    And Bono. Cos as we all know he donates all his money to Etheopian orphans. True that, honest.

    now there’s an idea for someone else to go in the list…

  3. essexgourmet Says:

    OH BUT! Bryan McFadden is so podgy and cute… he reminds me of a hamster, so should he really be dissed? Plus his dreary, dross style music has provided a perfect sentiMENTAL Mothers Day present for years.

    As for his poor ‘It’s me pills & not me alcohol/illegal drug dependency’ slur bucket of an ex, from what I understand she is a formidable Mother, even importing food for her offspring from Iceland. Now what could be better for kids than Fresh Fish, Reindeer and Eskimo I ask you!?

  4. rosscoayb Says:

    Mediocrity becomes him, to be frank the only reason for liking him is that he dumped the Iceland Pikey with Columbian Hayfever. Other than that, he is a moon faced twat, how he managed to stick his cock in that fine Goodrum piece of ass is beyond me, maybe he has shares in Rohypnol. The Katona/McFadden offspring are going to have issues arent they…..jesus….”Yes, Mummy was a Bipolar drug addict and Daddy has the IQ of a pot plant and left us to go and live in Australia” I would rather spend time with Russell Grant than hang out with this tool…….ohh, Russell Grant…..possible addition to the list?? Or is it a bit too soon for that?

  5. MrsMinxington Says:

    I’ll talk to you about him later 😉

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