Louis “Mr Nice Guy” Walsh

Smugger Than A Smug Smuggler That Just Got Paid For A Large Delivery of Smug

Smugger Than A Smug Smuggler That Just Got Paid For A Large Delivery of Smug

I might be peaking too soon by putting him in first but he does annoy me so massively that I couldn’t not have him as my first “victim”. 

His criminal “records” are lengthy – lest we not forget he’s the man who brought us Bry/i/an McFadden, Westlife, Boyzone and Johnny Logan (although I can forgive him Logan coz he’s a Eurovision legend.)

Let us not focus too much on his musical offerings however, because although he’s probably due an award or two from the “Middle Of The Road Association For Bland But Popular Love Dirges” – he does manage Girls Aloud, who do at least put out a tune or two that might be considered worth listening to.

No, the reason that he really annoys me is because he appears to think he’s coming across as the “nice and friendly” foil to Simon Cowell’s Ascerbic-But-Usually-Accurate observations on the endless talent shows they both appear on, when he’s really coming across as a smug and clueless tosser who contains more self-satisfaction per square millimetre in his potentially tiny manhood, than the late great Bob Monkhouse’s right hand and entire body- and at least Monkhouse had the decency to be extremely funny.

There are very few people who actually make my skin crawl, but this chap tops the bill more often than any of his smarmily managed acts.  More annoying than Mick Hucknall?  Almost annoying enough to make me change the name of this blog. But then there would be no-one else to put on the list.


5 Responses to “Louis “Mr Nice Guy” Walsh”

  1. dominoid747 Says:

    anybody else thinking he looks like Holly from Red Dwarf in this pic?

    Although holly was ace, even with computer dementia. Louis Walsh isn’t, and probably even less so with dementia. He looks like the sort to dribble all over himself anyway.

  2. essexgourmet Says:

    Oooh, Yes! He does look like Holly after a big fat joint with a Prozac chaser… I suspect. This man is too Lepri-corny for my liking and should be banished to the room 101 of mythology with those other little green ‘to be sure’ twittering heathens.

  3. rosscoayb Says:

    Louis Walsh……..Leprechaun Trumpet Cunt

  4. MrsMinxington Says:

    Might have known you’d get here quicksmart and make it essential for me to change the rating to “adult” with mature themes!!!

  5. clackdish Says:

    rosscoayb i think a little bit of wee just came out best insult i ever heard for a paddy cant wait for work tomorrow
    roflmao !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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