David Brent, I mean, Ricky Gervais, I mean… WHO DO I MEAN???

I'm not funny. And nor am I.

I'm not funny. And nor am I.

I could condense this post into one carefully worded sentence but a) that would be lazy, and b) I suspect that sentence would get me immediately removed and banned from wordpress.

Gervais/Brent ranks INCREDIBLY highly on my list of annoying celebrities, mostly because I cannot tell the difference between one and the other. Where one stops, the other one seems to start. Yes, yes, I AM basing my opinions on what I see in and read in the media, and things I have seen people in – as I dont have a little black book of celebrity chums to call and invite round for canapés at Pimms O’Clock, that’s kind of where my opinions tend to be formed. And yes, I DO acknowledge that the media will tell me anything and that half of the stuff that they say is based in pure fiction.

I watched The Office, when it was first on. Occasionally there would be a bit that made me laugh, but it wasn’t the hilarious sidesplitting ribtickler I had hoped for with all the hype it recieved. Mostly, I sat there scratching my head, hoping it wasn’t nits and wondering when the jokes would start. I’ve worked in an office, and really, there was no similarity, so I didn’t have the “oh, I knew a bloke just like that” aspect of things to amuse me, and the whole Brent as arrogant hapless cretin thing wore thin and actually started to cause me physical pain in a bad way fairly soon afterwards.

Then I started to see more of Ricky Gervais, on chat shows and the like – and I really couldnt tell where the line between David Brent and Ricky Gervais ended and began. Other than the wanky dance thing, they didn’t seem that distinguishable from one another. After a few such interviews and seeing him on the telly doing stand up, I gave up trying to get him at all. I never even bothered to watch Extras because he was in it. It might have been the funniest programme in the entire universe but I would never have known it because I could not bring myself to watch anything else with him in.

More recently, he’s been in the media slagging off Britain, from his comfortable position as newly found king of America. He doesnt want to do British films, preferring to wait for offers from Hollywood, because apparently British films are all shit and have been since 1950. The British dont like successful people either apparently, preferring to champion the underdog. Maybe he has a point there, but if being successful turns you into Ricky Gervais, then I’m for the cowering yorkshire terrier every time.

He whines that he earns too much money, whines that he hates being famous, whines that he wishes he had more of a cult following than mass appeal and just never seems to stop whining. Whine Whine Whine Whine Whine.  Put a cork in it. (Dya see what I did there, DO YOU?)

Maybe it’s just me. I don’t “get” him, but I don’t even think I would want to if I could. If his “arrogant superior unfunny cunt” persona is an act, and not the real him, then he needs to learn to switch it off, before it starts to wear even more thin than it already does and people start to switch him off. I already did.

This post not that funny? Well it’s themed. 😀


4 Responses to “David Brent, I mean, Ricky Gervais, I mean… WHO DO I MEAN???”

  1. hastalavegan Says:

    He’s got weird teeth. Don’t like them.

  2. Ricky Gervais, shameless promoter of ‘Brit-Teeth’ the ‘Anti-Diet’ and ‘Laughing-like-a-hyena-for-no-apparent-reason’ bloke. He reminds me of the kid in school who would eat worms for a dare and a cheap laugh.

    Hurrah that another of the UK populous sees ‘The Office’ for the cringe worthy pile of codswallop that it truly was. Still, it has given Dick that oh so hilarious dance routine that he can milk for all eternity – think Live8 and that shambolic ‘fill in’ he did without a script! I wasted my last Suffolk ham, Gruyere cheese & aioli sandwich by pelting it at that one act, unspontaneous ‘in need of a script’ mumin. Liked Extras though… & Ricky’s stand up tour – only pelt me with the best of produce pleeeaase!

  3. worzelgummidge Says:

    I totally agree about the Office, it was mildly funny in parts but not at all worth the hype. However, you are certainly missing out with Extras – it’s in my top three comedies of all time.

    His “America is everything, Britain is nothing, I am an egotistical wanker” thing has gone too far, and stopped being funny after about 3 minutes.

    And yes, he does have weird teeth 😐

  4. clackdish Says:

    about as funny as toothache, i to find the office mind numbingly boring
    and the ‘dance’, pants, any wedding in the country will turn up funnier moves,
    he is the sort of whiney arsed git you avoid like the plague in the pub
    thats my tuppence worth

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