Ingrid Newkirk – The P.I.T.A. P.E.T.A. Of Tiny Dead Paws

"Particularly enjoyable with some fava beans and a nice bottle of Chianti. pft pft pft pft pft"

"Particularly enjoyable with some fava beans and a nice bottle of Chianti. pft pft pft pft pft"

The name Ingrid Newkirk may not be that familiar to you, but the organisation that she set up and controls certainly will be. Ingrid is the head of P.E.T.A – People for Ethical Treatment of Animals. I think perhaps describing her as an annoyance really doesn’t do the woman justice, for an annoyance implies a tick in the ear, a flea bite, a mild dose of the clap, whereas Ingrid and her happy bunch of supporters are much more of an anal prolapse, or a bunch of dog and cat murdering hypocrites.

Under the guise of “Animal Rights” – Ms Newkirk and her organisation bully and terrorise people with their message that wearing fur is wrong and that animals are on the planet for no other reason than to occupy themselves and that as humans we have no right to use them for food, entertainment, experimentation etc. The “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign has seen countless celebrities posing nude to highlight the inappropriateness of wearing animal skin. Turning up at fashion shows to throw buckets of fake blood over models is just one of the many shock value tactics they have used, and whilst they claim to be a non-violent organisation, they wholeheartedly support organisations who DO use violent tactics, such as the Animal Liberation Front.

Now, let’s be clear about the fact that I don’t disagree with a fair bit of the theory behind that message. Personally, I wouldn’t wear fur, mostly because it looks a bit shit and 1950s, partly because I would look like a Yeti, but I do understand the reasoning and logic behind that particular campaign.

What I don’t understand, is how you can make statements about mistreatment of animals, but then “rescue” them and destroy them yourself under the guise of humane and ethical treatment. If an animal is incurably sick, or old with no quality of life, then euthanasia, is in my opinion, the kindest option. It prevents the suffering of the animal any further and gives them a peaceful exit from their life. Indeed, I think that should be extended to humans too, but that’s a whole other discussion topic.

However,  if a perfectly healthy rat / dog / cat is “liberated” by PETA and it’s partners in crime, why then is it not their primary aim to find suitable homes for these animals?  The percentage of rehomed animals from PETA shelters is miniscule compared to other government owned, or charitable organisations. PETA do not operate a “no-kill” policy, they operate a “better off dead” one instead. Their justification for that is that “They didnt have enough room to home them all.”  And by the looks of it, they didn’t bother to try to find alternatives either. They did however, try to cover themselves by dumping some of the dead animals into other peoples dumpsters in the middle of the night. Surely if they had nothing to be ashamed of, there would be no need to have hidden it? 

 There are countless anecdotes on the internet about people who have willingly handed over their loved pets to PETA, only to find later they had never even had the opportunity to be rehomed, they had simply been destroyed as soon as they had parted company with their owner.

Where are the animals rights when they are being “humanely destroyed” for no good reason at all? What RIGHT does PETA have to do that?

Newkirk has written a will (which is freely available on the internet for anyone warped enough to actually want to read it to do so).

This will is notable in that she requests that parts of her body are used in different ways after her death, including a “human barbecue”, feet turned into umbrella stands, bits of her to be delivered to people she finds personally offensive,  and parts of her skin to be made into wallets and purses. If she did the same with all the dead animals her organisation has massacred, she could have made a fortune for her cause by selling dogskin wallets and rat leg pencil pots.

They envision a day when all animals are allowed to roam free once more, pets are a thing of the past and woah, all animals will be vegetarian.

Hate to break it to you guys, but you might have a bit of a fight on your hands persuading the lions to give that one a try – but feel free to go have a chat with them!  I’m sure they will have plenty to say.

Ingrid Newkirk, an affront and an abomination in the name of Animal Rights.


8 Responses to “Ingrid Newkirk – The P.I.T.A. P.E.T.A. Of Tiny Dead Paws”

  1. hastalavegan Says:

    Firstly, I’m a vegan and I fucking hate P.E.T.A.

    They support BSL. How can you possibly view all sentient life as equal when you want to ban a specific breed of animal because ignorant people think they’re ‘dangerous’? Bullshit.

    As much as they like to think they are, they are NOT an Animal Rights organisation. If you don’t have enough room for unwanted animals, you do not kill the ones you are unable to rehome, you come up with a better solution. If you don’t have enough room for unwanted animals you do not seek out MORE and send them off to be euthanised. Why is it that there are shelters and sanctuaries with far less money than PETA that are able to take in domesticated animals and NOT kill them? Oh, because PETA thinks it’s better to kill off any expenses and put the money towards exploiting women instead.

    Yes ladies and gentlemen, AR is all about women getting naked and women making out in public ‘for the animals’. I don’t know what was going through Newkirks head when she thought ‘ah yes, let’s trade one form of exploitation for another, that will solve all of our problems!’. Well no Newkirk, no it doesn’t. Wanting to end animal exploitation by exploiting women is NOT vegan and NOT cool. It’s stunts like this that make the less informed think that all AR activists care more about non humans than humans when really, we care about both. And since when does seeing ‘hot naked chicks’ convince anyone to go vegan and stay vegan?

    The latest ridiculous campaign they have running is the ‘boycott Canadian maple syrup because the Canadian GOVERNMENT allows seal slaughter’. What the fuck does that have to do with maple syrup?

    They also gave up campaigning against KFC in Canada because KFC agreed to put a vegan chicken burger on the menu. What vegans are even going to set foot in there and also…you’re avoiding the REAL issue!

    Hmm, that seems to be a common link with PETA, campaign against causes but use stupid tactics that avoid the main problem but that get you talked about in newspapers and on tv. What is it that Newkirk really wants, an end to animal exploitation or publicity?

    It is sad that an organisation that has such a large fanbase and an opportunity to make a real difference fails so badly. The whole concept of animal rights is really quite simple and when properly understood is a pretty unbeatable argument. Complicating it, making a mockery of it and damaging its reputation with ridiculous fame grabbing stunts is never going to win the people who NEED targetting round.

    I really could go on. But I will summarise…

    Ingrid Newkirk….you equal fail. Epic, epic fail.

  2. cloudane Says:

    I thought Chris Pine was pretty good. Oh wait, wrong new kirk…

    PETA go around making vegans and animal rights supporters look like complete lunatics… Thankfully we know otherwise (the one I know is merely slightly insane ;)) but the public are generally not as well informed sadly.

  3. Gosh! All this ‘real’ information makes me feel all thick and that. This is like one of them debates you hear on Radio 4. Me knows my place so will just nod in agreement… Yeah I hates her! Take that and party PETA!

    • MrsMinxington Says:

      I like the cut of your jib gourmetface! Straight to the point with no messin abaht! Good work.

  4. worzelgummidge Says:

    She should be euthanised like all the pit bulls her organisation “rescued”. Along with the RSPCA. But that’s another story.

    When she dies I would like one of her eyeballs, so I can stamp on it and feel it squish beneath my bare toes.

  5. dominoid747 Says:

    At least when she dies and they make her into umbrella stands and sausagemeat or whatever it is the freak wants done with her, she’ll serve a userful purpose. That’s more than she does alive…

  6. clackdish Says:

    this tower of shite is all about lazy arsed fuckwit celebs appearing to do something usefull without actually moving there arses more than ten feet from the local ass kissing hostelry,” ohh look i just donated me time free to do a nude photo shoot to save the patagonian fatcocked shrew, but it cost 60 million quid and a thousand dead bees to feed me the mankyarsed honey that is the only stuff i eat these days as it keeps me looking like a normal twat and not a surgically enhanced one blah blah blah blah and so on and on and ariston”
    extract from the upcoming autobiography from jodie marsh, my life,
    a cunts tail
    ps, see what i did there good eh !!!

  7. clackdish Says:

    found this little tit bit go peta you suck arse !!!!

    By: David Martosko
    Newspaper: Seattle Post-Intelligence
    Look at how PETA has spent the money it already has: The group raised more than $30 million last year, and found adoptive homes for 17 animals. Just 17. Meanwhile, it killed 1,815 dogs and cats — slightly more than the number of naked interns it sent out to “save” cows, chickens, and minks.


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