I’m Looking At The Minx In The Mirror…(MJPun#1)

Sorry about the lack of recent updates, had visitors and chicken pox to deal with over the last week or so. Not necessarily in that order.

I wont usually interrupt the flow of annoyance with a personal post, but in this case, its an event, more than a person that has annoyed me the most this week.

 Now, I love a good celebrity death, don’t get me wrong – even though you don’t KNOW someone doesnt mean that you have no involvement in them, whether that be because you are a fan, you spent money on their work, or you admire their talent, or some other aspect of their personality, or you love to hate them. The meeja bring us more celebrity news than we can possibly EVER need or want, and while most celebrities do not figure on our radars for very long at a time, there are a few who for whatever reason, REALLY capture peoples attention, spark the most heated debates, and are loved or hated in equal measures.

Michael Jackson, I dont think there would be much argument that he was one such person. If there was ever a person who has been through the media mill, he’s a prime example of why celebrity culture has a very serious and dark downside. I am not required to detail the past here, HIStory (MJ Pun #2) is so well ingrained in us all, that only people recovering from a persistant vegetative state in the last five minutes would need an update. EVERY aspect of his life was documented, as much as they could be, for someone who tried so hard to maintain SOME level of privacy. Anything we didnt know was endlessly speculated on.

And now he’s dead. And it still goes on. And on. And on. It’s a week now since he was papped being rescuscitated in the ambulance when he was effectively already dead, the tribute editions of magazines are already looking yellowed on the shelves of the supermarkets, no doubt having been in the cupboard WAITING for this valuable money making opportunity to arise. Pretty much EVERY news site is carrying various updates on the saga, its STILL a trending topic on Twitter (tho dropping down the ranks slightly now), and it looks unlikely to end.

Thank heavens the meeja realised Uri Geller was a bit of a pointless “source” and went for more reliable recent offerings such as “The Bloke Who Was Once A Child Star In Oliver! – The Movie” and “The Bloke Who Interviewed Him Once And Had Lots Of Phone Calls With Him Afterwards”. WHAT would we have done without them?

Seriuzly. Theres more important stuff going on in the world than worrying about if Neverland is going to become a shrine or if Debbie Rowe is going to go for custody, or indeed, if this is an elaborate hoax, or who Blankets mother is, or how he wanted to talk to also recently deceased dead celebrity Jade Goody before she carked it, or who he’s named as guardian for the kids in his will (DIDNT THINK THAT ONE THROUGH DID YOU! GIVE EM TO YOUR MOTHER! YOU HATED YOUR DAD COZ HE BEAT YOU, SO HAND THE KIDS TO THE PERSON MARRIED TO HIM! GOOD CALL! or you know, Diana Ross. Surely his mate Macaulay Culkin would have been a better choice, he will at least be reasonably likely to still be alive when they reach adulthood…)

But, once again, I am digressing. This whole media circus has INTENSELY annoyed me (even though I insist on slurping up every morsel of tabloid fodder and HATE myself for doing it) for one, very important reason.  


Normal service will be resumed tomorrow, where proper LIVING people will be tortured for my own entertainment once more.

PS, Paris Hilton made a comment on Twitter today that made me lol and cringe ALL AT THE SAME TIME! It was pretty much “I heard Beirut totally rocks! HUGE!”

Indeed it does. But perhaps not in the sense she meant it.



One Response to “I’m Looking At The Minx In The Mirror…(MJPun#1)”

  1. worzelgummidge Says:


    I heard about that Water Fawcett bird but not even a SMIDGEN about Miss Sugden! Atrocious.

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