Catherine Tate – Unfunny Dear? Me Dear? Yes Dear.

Does This Boot Look Bovvered?

Does This Boot Look Bovvered?

I don’t know if you ever happened to catch You’ve Been Framed when “professional-mate-of-Robbie-Williams Jonathan “Jonny” Wilkes was taking his turn at presenting it, sandwiched neatly between the services of Lisa Riley and Harry Hill. Every week, at the end of the show, for the two weeks he presented it (or something) he would say “Now remember, I don’t have a catchphrase!” – which was, well, you can kind of see what he was trying to do there, but it just didn’t work.

Which leads me nicely on to Catherine Tate.  To refresh myself for this episode of 1000 People More Annoying Than, I sat through about 45 minutes of various sketches that she did during The Catherine Tate Show / Comic Relief / Children In Need. To refresh your mind, she was the star of “The Catherine Tate Show” (the clue being in the title there) which was several series of the same not funny jokes being repeated in slightly altered settings. A bit like Little Britain, but in this case, the first series wasn’t any funnier than the successive ones.

I hope you appreciate the sacrifices I make for this blog.

When I woke up at the end of them, I cracked a smile. For the first time. During the whole 45 minute period. I was awake! I was alive! It was over!

The key, in my mind, to characterising “normal” people with extreme characteristics, is to identify aspects of those people that your audience can relate to, and thread that through the sketch in order to provide a familiar feeling to provide a contradicting aspect to the more extreme behaviour. The closest I found to achieving this in all the sketches I watched was the one where her sweary Granny character “Nan” was picked to appear on Deal or No Deal. The familiarity came from the sketch being set in the game show, and to all intents and purposes, ran exactly as the game show did.  

But even that didn’t give me anything really to connect with. My grandparents, on the whole, were polite people. They dressed tidily, my nan had her hair set religiously once a week, and told my grandad off if he said he was going to the “kharzi” instead of the toilet.  That said, she was more than slightly mortified to find out that the word “twat” did not mean the same as the word “twit” – having called her greengrocer friend a “silly twat”. The expression on her face when we explained this to her, was about a billion times funnier than any sketch I have seen involving Catherine Tate. But she bore no comparison to “Nan”.

When doing a little Wikipedia research, I was not THAT surprised to find that her first tv appearance was as “Son’s Girlfriend” in an appearance in that sidesplitting (or do I mean wristslashing?) sitcom, Surgical Spirit. ITV never really did master the art of the sitcom, did they…  But it’s clearly an ominous sign in it’s own right. If that’s where you cut your comedy teeth, well… you might as well just give up now.  Unfortunately, she didn’t.

What I didn’t know was that they (being THE POWERS THAT BE AT THE BEEBEECEE) wanted to move the Catherine Tate Show to BBC1 but she refused to move off BBC2 because she didnt want to have to worry about the ratings. Wise move.

It is only a matter of time, I suspect, until she appears once again upon our screens.


I’m not bovvered, my face is not bovvered, and my late lamented grandmother, who incidentally would have been 90 years old today, had she not died when she was 70, is probably the least bovvered of us all.

God Save The Queen (From any more Royal Variety Performances involving Catherine Tate). Amen. How VERY dare I.


8 Responses to “Catherine Tate – Unfunny Dear? Me Dear? Yes Dear.”

  1. cloudane Says:

    I must confess to actually liking her as Donna in Doctor Who, at least when she wasn’t slipping into “lauren mode”. Outside of that though, overrated and shite, along with Little Britain and Ricky Gervais.

  2. worzelgummidge Says:

    Yes, thank you for seeing that she is a Little Britain rip off but even less funny than the occasionally funny Little Britain. Sorry Cloudy but I have to disagree, her acting in Doctor Who was as appalling as her sketch show.

    I’m so glad they don’t even repeat it on UK Gold anymore.

  3. MrsMinxington Says:

    Gosh no, I never alter the pictures 😀

  4. dominoid747 Says:

    I have to go with Cloudy on the Dr Who thing, she did well in that. If she stuck to cheesy sci-fi instead of comedy, I might actually like her. But the sketch show was one of the most awful things I’ve seen on TV. And I’ve watched most of Nicholas Cage’s films on TV (I had an ex who was obsessed with him, it wasn’t by choice)

  5. saffy255 Says:

    Hmmmph, I actually LIKE The Catherine Tate Show – and think it’s cleverer than Little Britain….

    But then again, you don’t find Miley Cyrus the most irritating child on this earth… Good old Mother Nature made us all different!!

  6. MrsMinxington Says:

    Well not last night I didn’t, no, but as I said on facebook, and this will sound tehrbly twee and pretentious dahling, but if I am not “feeling” the annoyance then I can’t write with genuinely amused ire, better to wait till she’s achieved the right intolerance levels.

  7. MrsMinxington Says:

    Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon…

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