That Biographical Bit

Thirty-somewhere-in-the-middle-thing giantess with addictive personality traits, married to slightly-nearer-to-forty-than-me-but-still-thirtysomething long suffering Mr Minxington, with three varying-in-age-greatly-but-all-quite barking-offspring Minxingtons. Current addictions – iphone, iphone applications, chocolate, Peggle, Bejewelled Blitz, Bejewelled 2, Sky Burger, Epic Pet Wars. Think may have got emotionally stuck at 17 – do not intend to make alterations to this. Will be very hip with plastic hips later. Or one of those people that smell of wee and are followed by a perpetual titter.

Maybe both.

Encouraged to start blogging by vegan chum @HastaLaVegan and also now totally made to do it by controller of my life noo twitter chum @essexgourmet. If it all goes pear shapey, you know who to look to.

Follow them! They are awesome people. And follow me! @mrsminxington.


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