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The Joy of Mick!

Posted in The Background Bit with tags , , , on June 1, 2009 by MrsMinxington

10 years ago,  when I had perkier busoms and more shelf life, the yet to be Mr Minxington and I had a heated debate about the annoyance level of one Mick Hucknall, of Simply Red, Martine McCutcheons vomit and russet hair and notorious former playboy fame.

Mr Minxington insisted that he was possibly the most annoying person on the planet. I disagreed, and suggested I could come up with at least one hundred people more annoying than Sir Mick of Huck.

I returned to my home du jour, and painstakingly started to write a list of potentially higher level annoyances, on a PC, not unlike this one, but with a fraction of the RAM and HDD space, and with Windows 98 as its operating system. It was a Sunday evening, and I was listening to the greatest hits of Pat Benetar while I wrote. (Irrelevant details I know, but its setting the scene, so shush).

Finding one hundred people to put into a list was relatively easy. So much so in fact, that I got cocky, and kept going. As the hours passed, and the CD repeated, the list got longer and longer. Five hundred? Pah, a mere trifle of a list. I was going to get to 1000 no matter what time I went to bed. 

So… about 4.40 in the morning, I finally completed the list. Admittedly there was a number of dead celebrities on there, and one or two fictional creations, like Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grub, (all listed separately – I was getting a bit desperate by that stage and really should have gone to bed several hours earlier, the last 200 were incredibly silly) but as I recall, the very last person on the list was Professor Heinz Woolf.

Not for any good reason, I’m sure hes a perfectly affable chap, if he still indeed resides on this mortal coil, but just because he had a ridiculous name. 

A few years later, I was a member of and I mentioned that I had done this, and someone said “That would make a great website” and from this, was borne an actual site where actual other people could vent their annoyance about celebrities of their choosing. Some fairly heated debates ensued, there were threads of enormous numbers of posts (GW Bush and Kate Lawler spring to mind) and the whole thing just exploded.

Firstly, it exploded in a good way, people were FLOCKING to have their say – some of the funniest posts I have ever seen on a message board anywhere EVER were posted on that board. It was a sheer joy.  Celebrities increasingly became aware of the sites existence, it began to get mentions in various places, on other sites, on the radio, in interviews with celebrities – Lesley Joseph even mentioned it on an episode of Celebrity Come Dine With Me, apparently, although I have never actually seen that to know that it’s the truth. I do know that Bob Carolgees once cited being listed on there as his “career low” and that the ex-husband of a certain Z list female celeb joined up simply to tell everyone how crap she was in bed.

Mick Hucknall too became aware of it. He didnt seem to mind at all – (Thanks Mick!) nor caused any problems with us holding the domain name for the duration – although he swiftly got it back as soon as the site went kaput, which it invariably did as all the joy got sucked out of it and people just started to be plain nasty and not at all humorous and light hearted in their intentions to debate. It was taken down to be “cleaned” and simply never came back.

Anyway, its kind of faded into internet history now, but its always been pretty special to me. So in honour of the tenth anniversary, I have decided to renew the list for myself.  This time around, its not going to be an overnight jobby, but a more detailed, thoughtful analysis that will take many moons to complete. It may not always be celebrities that make the list – times change and so do mindsets, and I may simply blog about someone I have come across in my daily life who I currently rate as more annoying than Old Mick. For the most part, I think it will be well known people, as they make more interesting reading material.

It should be noted however, that the opinions posted within this blog are the opinions only of the blog writer and should be taken as humorous observation and critique with no real malice intended. Feel free if you will to comment with your own opinions, but keep it lighthearted. DISCLAIMER! Some comments made by other users MAY cause offence. You read this blog at your own risk. The comments made by other users may not be taken to accurately reflect the views of the author of the blog. Unless I happen to say I agree. Either way, they are VIEWS and not FACTS and should be taken as such.

I dedicate this blog, to Mick Hucknall, and thank him for having the sense of humour not to take us to court or see us as a bad thing, and also to Mr Minxington, without whom I would not have been inspired to create such a document, and also because being dedicated in the same breath as Mick Hucknall will surely drive him doolallypie.