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Katie Jordan Price Andre No Mooooore. Lewis No Moooore. Linwood No Mooooore. Skye No Moooooore.

Posted in I'm More Annoying! with tags , , , , , , on July 15, 2009 by MrsMinxington
Peter wonders if he slightly overdid it on the "Insania"

Peter wonders if he slightly overdid it on the "Insania"


Poor Katie Price. Well, I dont mean poor in the lack of money sense, because she must have plenty of that stashed under her reinforced mattress, but, poor in the sense of how the mighty have fallen. Fortunately for her, her mighty fall will be cushioned by her mahoosive mamoogas, provided she falls forward of course.

She had it all in the palm of her hand. She couldn’t reach much of it due to her tits getting in the way – but stood proud as a shining example of how to market yourself, your family and every little miniscule detail of your life, and make lots of cash. Many will try and fail to achieve the results she has achieved. Who needs credibility anyway? Or an actual honest-to-goodness talent? That’s so last century.

Personally, I consider her to be a wart on the arsecheek of humanity. A really itchy wart that won’t buckle to the usual treatment and refuses to be accidentally knocked off, for fear that she might actually bleed.

What could possibly be more humiliating than being dumped by Peter Andre? Other than being married to him, obviously.

And that wedding dress! GOD STREWTH! You would think when marrying a man who is one letter away from being named after a leading brand of toilet tissue, you might think twice about wearing a dress that is more often seen atop a waiting to be liberated bog roll, attached to a doll, sitting gathering dust on the cistern or bathroom window ledge of an old persons toilet, next to the Yardley Gardenia flavour talcum powder and matching bath cubes. 

But now, the floral scented fairytale seems to be coming to an unpleasant and even more tacky than the wedding end. The worm, has, as it does, turned. The footmen have turned back into mice, the carriage back into a pumpkin, and the fairy godmother is having a damn good cackle at how it’s all turning out. The glass slipper, is now firmly on the other foot.

Pseudo-Ken-doll Peter has unceremoniously dumped Psuedo-Barbie-KatieJordan, and scarpered for the hills. And now battle must commence. The media have firmly come down on Peter Perfects side, the public who have been watching the endless reality shows about their marriage nod fervently and say things like “He’s such a good dad, and how he put up with her I will never know…” and I am sure Jeremy Kyle will be licking golfballs in agreement. Katie has been ripped into left right and centre for her conduct, her parenting, and her behaviour within the marriage.

In front of her very eyes, and excessively enhanced busom, her perfectly crafted illusion of marital bliss has crumbled. So what does she do to defend herself, and put her side across? Gets interviewed by Piers Morgan and uses her recent miscarriage to rubbish the rumours that they didn’t have sex for the last two years of their relationship. Tastefully done there, KP. You clearly are nuts.

She has, I fear, really shot herself in the foot with that interview. She came across as just as callous, uncaring, and shallow as people would believe that she is from her other media exploits, and lowered the bar even further. If that were at all possible.

If this were just about her and Pretty (Nauseating) Peter, and there were no children involved, then it might just about be forgivable or bearable that she sold their lives as a way to make an income. But ever since children have been involved, their lives too, have been subject to story after story after story, without their permission, or understanding of what is being done to them, and how little their privacy has been respected. That goes WAY too far over the border of acceptable parenting.

We the public DO have to shoulder some of the responsibility for that, as purchasers and funders of the magazines and books that she has gratuitously filled with her presence for far too long now. If there was no demand for the product, there would be no value, and thus no product to sell.

But her children are unlikely to realise that their opulent and overtly trashy lifestyle are being funded by their own daily lives. The youngest two may well grow up to realise eventually, and fight back themselves, but can Harvey? Will he ever have the emotional capability and maturity to appreciate just how much he has been exploited in the name of cold hard cash?

If you want to handle this in a dignified way, Jordan Katie Price, stop doing what you are doing, right now, take your millions and go live quietly in the country with your horses and your kids and BE a responsible parent. It’s really not too late to cut your losses and run.

Never going to happen though, is it? Not until we, the public, stop buying into this shit and turn our backs on it. But at least our backs may hold out for a lot longer than yours will, if you dont get a reduction, and soon.

You know something – I WANT to feel sorry for her, I really do. Unless she really has NO emotions whatsoever, how can she possibly go through all this and come out unscathed? I am not really that surprised that the marriage has failed – how high are her emotionally protective walls? Is there not one tiny chink in that armor anywhere? How can she emotionally connect with anyone, her husband, her kids, when she cannot reach out to them and show her vulnerability?

It is a real shame. For her kids, for all of them. Having financial comfort means nothing if you don’t have the loving warmth of those around you to enjoy it with. If the guard doesn’t come down soon, there won’t be anything left but a bitter shell of not very good memories, and no-one around to share the reflections.